SUPERPOSITION: Merging Narratives Past and Present

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
All day event
Wilson Library Learning Commons
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 Exhibition of works from the Western Gallery Collection in Wilson Library, May 30-July 30
Forty images from the Western Gallery Collection, telling stories and offering narratives of historical and other events.

The term superposition, from the field of quantum mechanics, refers to a system existing in all possible states when unobserved; similarly, a work of art can exist in any number of interpretations until it is viewed, when the viewer narrows it down to a personal reflection. We hope that the images in this exhibition, covering topics as various as Mythology, Daily Life, and Identity, will stimulate multiple interpretations.

Students in Art History 490, “Exhibition: Theory and Practice,” did all of the research on the images, wrote the wall text relating the narratives specific to the works, and participated in the works’ installation in the library.

Michele Russo (1909-2004, US)
Fly Away Jack, Fly Away Jill, 1983
Color lithograph, Ed. 15/35
36 x 28.5
Estate of Al and Vera Leese. Gift of Marian Boylan, 2005
Collection of Western Gallery

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